Wadi Rum Nabatean Camp

3-Day Hiking Tour

Day 1:

When you reach Wadi Rum you will arrive at the Visitor Centre, the gateway to the Wadi Rum Protected Area. The Centre requires an admission fee (5 JD per person), but if you have a Jordan Pass admission is free. After the Visitor Center, continue onward for about 6km to the Wadi Rum Village where I will greet you. From here I will take you to the Wadi Rum Rest House for a short rest and a cup of delicious Bedouin tea. Once the tea is finished, a Bedouin guide will take you through Makharas Canyon to the valley of Um Ishrin, a narrow, winding gorge carved deep into the walls of a massive mountain. After a three hour hike through the gorge, you will eat lunch and relax for an hour or so.

Following lunch you will visit the red sand dunes, Anfasheah inscriptions in the walls of the sand stone mountains, and Lawrence’s house. You will then hike back to the Bedouin camp, where we will serve an authentic Bedouin meal cooked in an underground oven and perform for you our traditional music by the fire with tea.

Day 2:

After breakfast, you will begin the walk to the Burdah Rock Bridge, a guide will show you the way to the top of this mountain, offering incredible views of wadi rum. This will take about 4 hours, after which your guide will prepare you lunch while you relax in the shade. After lunch you will visit the Abu Khashaba canyon, a deep gorge with beautifully colored strata. After this you will hike back to the desert camp for another night of food, music and tea by the soft glow of the fire and under the start studded sky.

Day 3 :

To start the day, after breakfast, a guide will hike with you to Jebel el Hash, a large mountain in a remote part of the Rum.

Following the hike we will continue on to the White Desert where we will stop for lunch around midday. After lunch you will be taken o the Khazalli canyon, a deep narrow canyon running through the mountains with walls rich in archaic Nabatean inscriptions. Following the conclusion of the tour, we will that we drive you back to Rum Village. If required we can organize transport to your next destination.

Also note that if you would like to add or change anything in regard to the tour this can be easily arranged!


1 person 105 JOD / day
2 people 75 JOD / person / day
3 people 65 JOD / person / day
4+ people 55 JOD / person / day

Lunch is included