Wadi Rum Nabatean Camp

Half-Day Camel Tour


Before starting your camel tour, you must first pass through the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre, the gateway to the protected desert area. The center requires an admission fee (5 JD per person), which they waive for Jordan Pass holders. After the Visitor Centre, continue onward for about 6km to the Wadi Rum Village where I will greet you. From there, I will take you to the Wadi Rum Rest

House for cup of delicious Bedouin tea. We will chat with you about the day’s plans and outline them with a map, before going to meet the camels and setting off into the desert.

After our first stop, Lawrence Spring, we will proceed to Khazali canyon, which features ancient Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions. Then we will go to Red Sand Dunes, before finishing at the small rock bridge. From the rock bridge we will ride back to the Rum village. We can arrange transport to your next destination if required.

Please note that if you wish to add or change anything in regard to your tour, this can be easily arranged.


1 person: 45 JD
2-4 people: 30 JD
5-6 people: 20 JD


Children 14 and under pay half price

Children under the age of 5 go free!

Lunch is included in these prices