Wadi Rum Nabatean Camp

Secrets of the Desert – (Multi Day Tour)


Adventure by day, sleep under the stars by night.

Join us for the ultimate Wadi Rum adventure.

(What follows is a sample itinerary. Please note that all tours can be customized in terms of duration, activities and modes of transportation. Just let us know and we can accommodate!)

Day 1:

After entering the Wadi Rum your first stop will be the Visitor Centre, the gateway to our protected desert area. The Centre requires an admission fee (5 JD per person), but if you have a Jordan Pass admission is free! After the Visitor Centre, continue onwards a few kilometers into Wadi Rum Village where I will greet you. From there, we’ll chat over the day’s plans over a cup (or few!) of delicious Bedouin tea before setting out into the desert, choosing between trekking on your own two feet, or more comfortably on the back of a jeep!



We’ll skip the crowds and long lines of parked cars on the traditional tourist circuit, and our experienced guides will take you to locations known only to them rewarding you with sweeping views of the desert and mountains nearby. If you have a keen eye, you might even spot many of the ancient Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions that pepper the region along the way!.

Since all of our appetites will no doubt be worked up after our first day of adventure,  we’ll rest and our guides will prepare for you a traditional Bedouin lunch. And don’t worry, if you are vegetarian, vegan or have any other dietary requirements, we can still provide you with a delicious meal! Following our pit stop. Our guides will take you to one of the many of the towering rock formations in the desert. Here we can catch the best spot in the desert for a sunset, with only you and your companions for miles around, leaving you with memories that are truly unique to you.

From here, we will take you to where we rest for the night, under one of the many caves and alcoves that even we like to frequent in our spare time! Here, we will prepare you a traditional Bedouin barbeque dinner, sit around a bonfire, converse, and drink tea. Our guides might even sing you a few songs with our traditional Bedouin string instruments, the ooud and rababa! When retiring for the night, you will be greeted with your luxuriously furnished cave abode, where you can listen to the quiet of the desert and gaze up at the unpolluted starlit sky to your heart’s content.

Day 2+:

After awakening to a quiet desert sunrise we can enjoy a traditional breakfast and reflect upon the serenity that surrounds us with a revitalizing pot of Bedouin tea made over the fire. From here the day’s activities are entirely up to you. Perhaps you may want to trek on foot and explore the surroundings, or join us on the back of a jeep to venture deeper into the desert. Feel free to check out the rest of our tour options or let us know your interests in your booking enquiry for rates!

Whatever your preference, just let us know and we can accommodate. After all is said and done, we can return you to the village and decompress from our desert adventures. We can even arrange transport to your next destination!

Please note that we can easily arrange any changes in the tour activities, duration, accommodation etc.


(Jeep or Trekking)
1 person
120 JOD / day

2 people 90 JOD / person / day
3 people 85 JOD / person / day
4-6 people 80 JOD / person / day

(For larger group rates please contact us)

Meals, guides, accommodations etc. are all included